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7th Annual Olmsted County Fair Celebrity Cow Milking Contest

8/7/2017 Administration

On Thursday, July 27th, the 7th Annual Olmsted County Fair Celebrity Cow Milking Contest was held during the Olmsted County Free Fair. The Milking Contest is a friendly, yet spirited, annual competition between the Rochester City Council and Olmsted County Board of Commissioners. The contest was held at the Miracle of Birth Center, as County Board Chair, Kenneth Brown, defended the County's title (bragging rights) against Rochester City Council member, Annalissa Johnson. The competitors had 60 seconds to fill a bucket with the water from the udders of a fiberglass mechanical cow named "Milkshake". For the first time in Milking Contest history, it was a tie! Both competitors gave it their all, squeezing a record 2 cups of water each. For their efforts, Brown and Johnson each received a purple "Best in Show" ribbon and will share the traveling trophy—at least until next year's Milking Contest. Congratulations to both the City and the County! 

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