Connecting the Unconnected through Customer Service

Woman at Information Desk

Olmsted County is celebrating National County Government Month (NCGM) in April. We will share how we are "Connecting the Unconnected," demonstrating how counties deliver people-centered services and connect communities.

One example is our commitment to customer service.

Customer service is more critical than ever in an age where technology is filling many business roles. People still value a good personal experience. At the County, we believe that providing outstanding customer service could be the difference between an aggravating run-in or a happy customer. At Olmsted County, we take pride in each and every customer interaction.

Our information desk at the Government Center opened in January 2012. It is located on the first floor in between the front door and the main elevators. When you walk through the front doors of the Government Center you don't see a kiosk; you see a real live person.

The information desk team is often the first contact a customer makes when entering the Government Center. Staff are empathetic, friendly and professional. They consider the individual's, needs and answer questions -  many times people leave the Government Center connected to resources that they may not initially have known about when they arrived. This is the spirit Olmsted County customer service teams embody in making sure that they go above and beyond to connect the unconnected with the right people and resources during their visits to the County.

Olmsted County is proud to be Connecting the Unconnected.