Construction on Southeast Regional Crisis Center to begin June 15; Celebratory event delayed

Logo for the Southeast Regional Crisis Center with tagline of 24/7 mental health services
The construction company selected to build the Southeast Regional Crisis Center (SERCC) – APX Construction out of Mankato, Minnesota – will begin breaking ground on the center on June 15, 2020, and construction is expected to be completed in spring 2021. Through the SERCC, mental health assessment, intervention, and stabilization services will be offered to individuals living in 10 southeast Minnesota counties.   

State Senator Dave Senjem of Rochester played an instrumental role in securing funding for the SERCC and other mental health crisis centers to be built in Minnesota. 

“Sincerest congratulations and thank you to all involved for the planning and development of this marvelous and extremely important new asset to Rochester, Olmsted County, and surrounding counties in the region,” said Senjem. “Mental illness is pervasive in our society and in one way or another touches us all. The Southeast Regional Crisis Center will be a place for individuals to go and receive help during times of personal emotional distress.” 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, physical distancing recommendations, and the current Stay at Home order for Minnesota, a formal groundbreaking ceremony for the SERCC will not be held at this time. A planning committee is discussing options for an alternative celebratory event later in 2020.

“We were hoping to celebrate this construction milestone with a community event, but for everyone’s health and safety, it just makes sense to delay a groundbreaking celebration,” said Olmsted County Deputy Administrator Paul Fleissner. “Until a formal ceremony can be held, we will capture and share photos and videos of the crisis center construction efforts to mark the progress of this much-needed regional resource.” 

Look to the Olmsted County website in the coming weeks and months for additional details and images of SERCC construction efforts as they get underway.   

COVID-19 impact on mental health and resources available to you

The COVID-19 pandemic and recent stay at home orders have drastically shifted the lives of all people in our region. We have been challenged with adjusting to a new way of living and many are feeling stressed. Physical distancing can increase the symptoms associated with anxiety and depression, and, in many cases, leads to feelings of loneliness. That is why it’s becoming increasingly more important for all of us to focus on our mental health and well-being.  

Many of our regional counties and mental health providers have responded to COVID-19’s challenges by finding innovative ways to provide mental health services. They have implemented telehealth opportunities, developed protocols to provide safe interactions with mental health professionals, and found other creative ways to stay accessible during the pandemic. 

If you or someone you know is currently experiencing a mental health crisis, help is just a phone call away: 844-274-7472. At no cost to you, mobile crisis responders offer much needed human connection, support, and resources to help counter feelings of stress and loneliness. They can also connect you to other regional mental health providers and services that can help. Support is available 24/7 to anyone in our southeast Minnesota counties. 

Note: This article originally posted on May 12, 2020. That earlier version indicated a construction start date of June 1, 2020. The new construction start date is June 15, 2020.