Donate Blood and Help the Sheriff’s Office Win the Battle of the Badges

Planning to donate blood between now and August 31, 2019? If so, when you donate, be sure to mention that you're participating in the Battle of the Badges and that your donation is going to the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office. The Battle of the Badges is a competition between Olmsted County First Responders. The teams are divided up into three categories, the Law Enforcement Team which includes the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office and Rochester Police Department, the Fire Department Team which includes the Rochester, Byron and Stewartville Fire Departments, and the Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service Team.

The goal is to encourage people to donate blood, especially during the summer, when risks of accidents are higher and demand for blood is increased. To participate, donate blood with the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program between now and August 31. There are two locations to donate, downtown in the Hilton Building, and on the Saint Mary's Campus in the Joseph Building. For more information on the donation locations, visit Mayo Clinic's Blood Donor Program website.   You can also call 507-284-4475 for more information.

Remember to say you're donating blood on behalf of the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office. The winner of the Battle of the Badges receives a trophy. Last year, the Rochester Fire Department won the battle. For 2019, let's bring the trophy over to Sheriff Torgerson and his outstanding team!