Make A Plan, Minnesota!

Emergency planning is important for all of us. COVID-19 is affecting our communities and families in different ways and requires us to plan in different ways than other national or state emergencies. Making a plan for each child and for the health and safety of the family will make any needed transition easier for you, for the person caring for your children, and your children.

To support families in this process, the Minnesota Department of Human Services has developed 'Make a Plan, Minnesota'. 'Make a Plan, Minnesota' helps guide families through a process to identify possible caregivers, gather vital family and child information, and share their plan with others. A toolkit and fillable form is available to help families gather information that an alternate caregiver might need to know while caring for their children.

It’s never too early to make a plan. Please visit the Olmsted County COVID-19 page and under the "resources" tab, find the toolkit and fillable form. Translation of these documents into Spanish, Hmong and Somali will be coming soon!