May is National Foster Care Month

​Please join Olmsted County’s Foster Care Unit in recognizing and thanking the 90+ licensed child foster homes in Olmsted County.  At any given time Olmsted County has around 100 children/youth in foster care.  Foster care is considered temporary and the ultimate goal is to either safely reunite the child/youth with their family under improved conditions or to provide the child/youth with an alternative stable and nurturing permanent family.  Every foster parent comes to us for different reasons. Most recently, the majority are relative and/or already have a relationship with the child/youth and they want to help assure they have a family and a home.  

One of our foster families has had some 200+ children in their home over the last 30+ years.  Their foster care journey started with them caring for a relative’s 5 year old.  They would tell you it can be a lot work, but the joy and memories are worth it:

* Enjoyment of seeing an angry child become less so and more happy

* Taking pictures of them having fun, many have not had pictures taken before placed in foster care

* Staying in touch and watching them grow up: baptisms, confirmation, graduation, marriage, etc

* As adults some return so you can see their children and their children can see where they grew up 

Another Local Foster Care Story

Youth:  I am so happy to get a second chance at life and not be left out on the street and struggling.  I appreciate my foster mom for taking me in to her home.  She has been caring and has been very supportive of what I do.  We have our good and positive moments such as making each other laugh and agree (on some things J ).  All in all, living with this foster family has been pretty good.  I thank all the people and programs that have supported me.

Foster Parent:  I had always been intrigued by the concept of being a Foster Parent, but had never pursued for various reasons.  Then about five years ago, a youth that I knew was in need of a home.  I became licensed for this youth.  It has been an interesting and rewarding journey ever since.  I have continued to learn about the need that is in our community to help these kids and had no idea there are so many children/youth needing foster homes.  The support from Olmsted County Social Services from the Licensors, Social Workers, and Guardian Ad Litem’s just to name a few is phenomenal.  Their knowledge of, understanding, resourcefulness, and assistance in caring for the children are remarkable.  I am extremely appreciative of their help including the multitude of different trainings that I have been a participant of.  I am thankful for this experience and for all those that I have met and gotten to know during this time.  It is truly quite an organization that the county and state should be proud of!

Foster Care Social Worker: Foster parent is a pretty amazing lady. 

Outcome: This once homeless youth has a foster family that he considers his own family, has graduated on time from high school and is doing very well in college.  This foster parent has helped this youth beat the odds, as homeless youth are at very high risk of dropping out of school, being abused and exploited, experiencing drug addiction, and engaging in criminal activity to survive and incarceration. 

Check out our Olmsted County Foster Care Page for information on becoming a foster parent.