Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee Awards Legacy Grant to Olmsted

​The Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee (MNSBHC) Legacy Fund today announced Olmsted County Public Health Services and Rochester Parks and Recreation as its next Super Bowl Legacy Fund grant recipient. The $50,280 grant will help the county create an active mobile playground: a trailer loaded with interactive games and equipment that will travel to various locations, such as parks, schools and churches, year-round to engage kids and families in games and physical activity.

The grant is part of the 52 Weeks of Giving campaign, a year-long effort to make Super Bowl LII a statewide event by awarding 52 communities with grants that will help improve the health and wellness of young people in Minnesota.

The Go! Play! Explore! mobile playground project is a partnership between the Olmsted County Public Health Services and Rochester Parks and Recreation Department with support from local youth serving agencies. “This mobile playground is an opportunity for us to give families and residents of Rochester and Olmsted County a new outlet for outdoor activity, in neighborhoods where parks and community spaces are scarce,” said Pete Giesen, Director of Olmsted County Public Health.

The mobile playground is one effort aimed at bridging the gap between neighbors in Olmsted County. It will help foster community relationships and encourage families to interact in recreational activities and with their neighbors. Children and parents will help decide the destinations and schedule along with equipment and activities for the mobile playground.  The mobile playground will be run by professional staff, volunteers and through various partnership efforts.

“The Super Bowl Legacy Fund’s campaign to bring lasting, positive benefits to our state is being felt here in Rochester,” said Paul Widman, Director of Rochester Parks and Recreation. “This project will help us bring together youth of all ages and backgrounds by introducing new opportunities for outdoor activity and community engagement.”

The mobile playground project in Olmsted County supports the Super Bowl Legacy Fund’s key initiative to get kids more active by providing new resources for healthy physical activity, year-round.