Olmsted County Selects New Chief Financial Officer

Olmsted County Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Bob Bendzick, will be retiring after 33½ years of public service on May 31, 2017. A competitive selection process for his successor ended in April.

Wilfredo Román Cátala has accepted the position of Chief Financial Officer, effective June 1, 2017. After providing accounting and auditing services in Rice County and the State of Minnesota, respectively, Wilfredo joined Olmsted County in 2006 as the Director of Business Operations for Public Health Services. In 2013, he was promoted to Associate Chief Financial Officer. His depth of experience and dedication to the mission and vision of Olmsted County have prepared him for his new, key leadership position.

Currently, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Wilfredo earned his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – Accounting Major from Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico and his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Minnesota.

Mr. Bendzick has this to say about Wilfredo and the upcoming change in leadership, "He’s intelligent, a good person and a team player. We’ve worked side-by-side for 3½ years and every year he’s been exposed to, or done, more of my duties. A smart transition like this should ease the change."

As a collaborative leader, Wilfredo sees himself as an agent for change, focused on results and establishing value. He helps make things happen. Wilfredo indicated one of the most important objectives in his new position will be to continue to look for ways to advance great relationships through a partnership model with other departments.

In addition, he believes, "I have a natural tendency to place significant emphasis on customer service, collaborative work environment and process improvement. My direct reports are continuously encouraged to maintain excellent customer relationships; to create the right environment for staff to learn and succeed; and to continuously look for ways to help staff and customers perform their jobs better (effectively) and faster (efficiently). I believe this focus, along with technical expertise, is critical for us to increase value to Olmsted County residents."