Olmsted County Makes List of Top 50 Counties in the U.S. for Life Expectancy

Image of elderly person's hand and an infant's feet

Not only are Olmsted County residents satisfied with their quality of life, but they're actually living longer too!  

USA Today recently released a list of the Top 50 counties in the U.S. for life expectancy, and Olmsted County came in at number 43! While the average life expectancy at birth is 78.6 years, the average life expectancy of Olmsted County residents at birth is 82.2 years.  

Below are the statistics noted in the article for Olmsted County: 

  • Life expectancy: 82.24 years
  • Largest place in county: Rochester
  • Change in life expectancy, 1980-2014: +6.2%
  • Poverty: 9.1%
  • Adult obesity: 26.1% 

Read the full USA Today article for further details.