Olmsted County unveils new logo and plans new website
3/2/2020 Olmsted County Policy, Analysis, and Communications team

New Olmsted County logo

​After more than 30 years, Olmsted County is launching an updated logo!  

“If you may recall, the old Olmsted County logo incorporated a Rochester city skyline,” said Olmsted County Director of Policy, Analysis, and Communications Debra Ehret Miller. “However, the logo was developed in the 1980s and Rochester’s skyline has changed since then.”

Ehret Miller also stated that the old logo with the Rochester skyline never fully represented the entire county. A new logo was needed to embody Olmsted County’s eight cities (Byron, Chatfield, Dover, Eyota, Oronoco, Pine Island, Rochester, and Stewartville), 18 townships, and approximately 154,000 residents. 

To that end, Olmsted County has simplified its logo to reflect a more modern look. The new design is without a skyline and has a contemporary font and adjusted colors. The familiar “O” in the logo remains and is a symbol to represent all of Olmsted County. 

Ehret Miller said, “We believe this refreshed logo better aligns with Olmsted County’s mission of providing the foundation of a vibrant community.” 

Residents and visitors of Olmsted County will begin seeing the updated logo on all Olmsted County collateral, such as print materials, online websites, marketing items, as well as signage. However, the old logo will still appear in various places for a period of time as the new logo is phased in and the existing supply of older collateral is depleted. 

If your organization uses or references the Olmsted County logo, please update your files accordingly. If you require a copy of the Olmsted County logo, please contact Olmsted County Communications Coordinator Gretchen Williamson.

“This is an exciting year for us,” Ehret Miller continued. “Olmsted County has placed an increased focus on communications, both internal and external, and we look forward to better serving the community with a brand new website as well. Look for that to be unveiled later in 2020.”

To stay up to date on the latest happenings in Olmsted County, Ehret Miller recommends subscribing to news updates on www.olmstedcounty.com and following @OlmstedCounty on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.