One month left to complete the 2020 Census

Olmsted County is asking all residents to complete the 2020 Census. By responding to the census, you are making an impact on our community for the next 10 years. The 2020 Census self-response period is set to end Wednesday, September 30, 2020. 

As of August 21, 81.1% of Olmsted County households have completed the census. However, a 100% response rate is needed to ensure that our community receives our fair share of representation in Congress and the state legislature, and our fair share of billions in federal funds each year that are distributed to state and local communities annually based on census data. 

For the next month, Olmsted County residents can continue to self-respond: 
  • Online at
  • By phone, call 844-330-2020 any time seven days per week, 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. 
  • By mail, completing a paper census form if you received one at your home. 

Census takers are out in the community

To supplement the self-response options, the U.S. Census Bureau has now dispatched thousands of enumerators (a.k.a. door knockers or census takers) to collect information from all non-responsive households.

Census takers are hired from our community and are following public health and safety protocols. They are wearing face coverings and standing at least six feet from the individuals they interview. Census takers will not enter the home. By law, census takers take an oath for life to keep their work confidential. 

For non-English speakers, the Census Bureau works to assign a census taker who speaks the same language or will connect the non-English speaker to a census taker who speaks that language. 

It's important for you to know that census takers are working in our communities; what you can expect when a census taker knocks at the door; and how to identify legitimate census workers. By learning more about the census process, census takers and encouraging public participation, we can work together to promote a complete and accurate count of everyone in our county. Here is how to identify a census taker:

census worker.jpg

What you can do:

  • Census takers are leaving this flyer at homes where there is no answer. As this flyer may appear intimidating or confusing to some, please share it with people you know, so they understand what it is about. 
  • Share a message on social media to raise awareness about the census current events, including door-knocking, and how to count your cabin/lake home in the census. You can also share posts from the Olmsted County Facebook page to your own account. 
  • Ask a friend, co-worker, and/or family member if they have filled out their 2020 census. If they haven’t, tell them how easy it is or help them fill it out. Then ask them to reach out to someone in their network to do the same!

What Olmsted County is doing

The Complete Count Committee executive team continues to meet monthly. The following activities are underway: 
  • Trusted community connectors continue to promote the census through a variety of strategies.
  • The committee is working with the Downtown Alliance on targeted Facebook Ads and blog posts to their website. 
  • Youth Commission member, Jason Dong put together kits for the Salvation Army which include Census information and swag. 
  • Staff from Health, Housing, and Human Services are calling clients that receive services from the county to assist them with completing their form. 
  • Two doorhanger drops have been completed in two of the low response tracts in the downtown area. 
  • United Way is developing social media posts that will be translated into Mandarin, Somali, Arabic, and Spanish. These will be posted to the Olmsted County Facebook page

If you have questions about filling out your census form or how you can get involved in these efforts, please contact Brittney Marschall