Ballot instructions for the primary on August 11, 2020

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Absentee voting for the August 11 Primary is underway. For those planning to early absentee vote in person or via mail, it’s important to note that primary ballots are laid out differently than ballots for general elections.

Each ballot for Olmsted County residents will have both a partisan and non-partisan section. It is important to carefully follow the primary ballot instructions to ensure votes can be counted as intended.

In the partisan part of the ballot, for the U.S. Senate race, voters have to pick one major party and only select one candidate total. Minnesota now has four major parties, so candidates are displayed in four columns – one for each of the major parties - on both the front and back sides of the ballot.

The county and city races that may be part of the primary are also on the back of the ballot.

For more information about early absentee voting in the August 11 Primary, see our recent article from June 25, 2020.

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