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For assistance or inquiries, please contact the Rochester Olmsted County Planning GIS Division at 507 328-7100 or email.  To purchase Maps, GIS Data or subscription level interactive web maps, click on GIS Online Services button on left hand menu to access the Olmsted County GIS Maps and Data Catalog. 


To display current GIS data, set your browser to clear the history cache upon exit.  Set the browser to update the GIS Map every time you visit the map webpage. 

How to set browser to view live GIS maps       
 View GIS Maps Live Setup  (PDF 75 KB document) 

How to use tools within the GIS Maps
Map Tool Tips (PDF 918 KB document)

» Public Map Access

For general Olmsted County GIS property information, please click on the Public GIS Map Access link above.

For detailed Olmsted County GIS data and property owner information or to obtain taxpayer/owner mailing lists, please click on the GIS Subscriber Map Access link above to subscribe to the interactive Olmsted County GIS Subscriber Map.   

The subscriber GIS map includes a Data Extract Tool that allows the user to select and download a list of property owner names and mailing addresses and/or the site addresses.  To extract GIS data from the GIS web maps (subscribers only), please refer to the Data Extract Tool (PDF 1.4 MB document)

Olmsted County GIS Subscriber Map provides the following GIS data and map functionality:

  • Data Extract Tool - Allows the user to select and download a list of property owner names and mailing addresses and/or the site addresses. 
  • Search and Measuring Tools - Parcel, owner and address search and zoom tools, area and length measuring tools.
  • Olmsted County Elevations - Olmsted County 2004 LiDAR 2 ft. contours.
  • Transportation - Road centerline, railroad, ROCOG functional and street classifications.
  • Public Land Survey – Townships, sections, quarter section boundaries. Public land corner survey information.
  • Floodplain Data – FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) data that includes the FEMA flood hazard areas; cross section lines; base flood elevation lines and Olmsted Flood Fringe areas.
  • Parcel Information - includes detailed property information that includes the Taxpayer/Owner name and address information, E-911 site addresses, building units, historic landmark properties, subdivision plats, annexation history, order annexation agreement areas, and soil types per parcel.
  • Political and Administrative - includes polling locations, city limits, wards and precincts, county commissioner districts and state legislative boundaries, neighborhood associations, and administrative jurisdictions for building, well and septic.   
  • Environment – Decorah edge data displays Decorah shale throughout Olmsted County and provides information such as depths to bedrock, hydric soils, potential seep areas, springs, buffer distances from features, feedlot locations and buffers, CER Soils, SSURGO Soils Data, bedrock geology, pollution sensitivity of bedrock surface, erodible soils, hydric soils, floodplain soils frequency, sinkholes, rivers, streams and public water courses.
  • Zoning and Land Use - includes the city of Rochester zoning and the City future land use plan, Olmsted County zoning and the County future land use plan, small city zoning, and Rochester International Airport zoning.  
  • Education - includes school and college locations, Olmsted County school districts and ISD-535 school boundaries.
  • Parks and Recreation – Parks county-wide, bike paths and trails.
  • Emergency Management –Olmsted County and City of Rochester emergency response zones for fire, police, and ambulance services, fire station locations and dam breach zones.
  • Olmsted County Historical Aerial Imagery