GIS Applications and Fees


Applications that have a GIS-component are to be submitted to the GIS Division of the Olmsted County Planning Department. The following applications available are as follows:

  • Plat applications
    • Preliminary, re-subdivision, and final
  • Metes & Bounds applications
  • Addressing
    • Final plat, individual request, change of address
  • Roadway Name Change application

To access application forms and fee information, please visit GIS & E911 Addressing Applications and Fees.

History around Resolution No. 09-28 E911 Addressing and GIS Impact Fees is documented below:

In 1994, the GIS Division of Olmsted County completed the E911 Addressing Project. This consisted of assigning E911 addresses to all structures within Olmsted County and installing roadway name signs for the E911 Emergency System. On March 15, 1994, the Olmsted County Board passed Resolution No. 94-53, which supported continuing the effort to promote and maintain procedures for E911 Addressing. In response to this resolution, the GIS Division developed a GIS to create and maintain parcel, E911 address, and roadway information for the entire county; this data is frequently updated. To recover a portion of the costs for maintaining the E911 Addressing and the GIS, the County of Olmsted established by ordinance the fees pursuant to the Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 373.41 et seq., after holding a public hearing on April 28, 2009.