Geographic Information Systems: Maps and Addressing


The Olmsted County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division is a highly technical and creative division that provides the following:

  • Develops and maintains spatial data for County staff, the public, school districts, and local, state and federal agencies;
  • Coordinates with County departments and outside agencies in creating functional databases, static or interactive mapping, and overall GIS project integration;
  • Provides public service to consultants, developers, general public and other agencies based upon GIS product development, maintenance, and/or analysis;
  • Supplies up-to-date and accurate GIS data, captivating and functional static maps, and dynamic and robust interactive web maps
    • Visit the GIS Catalog to shop for data, maps, and web maps
  • Executes spatial analyses to aid in data-driven decision making
  • Ensures all spatial data is up to the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) standard and is secure

For assistance or inquiries, please contact the Olmsted County GIS Division at 507 328-7100 or by email


To learn more about the Olmsted County GIS Division, please click the graphic below to explore the Olmsted County GIS Story Map:

Link to the Olmsted County GIS Story Map