2017 Reports

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​The Olmsted County Building Official administers the building code in the City of Stewartville and the townships of Eyota, Marion, Oronoco and Quincy. Reports on building activity in those areas are listed below:

Building Permit Summary ​Construction Permits Detail Report ​Trade Permits Detail Report
January (159 KB)January (8 KB) ​January (13 KB)
February (159 KB) February (6 KB) ​February (6 KB)
March (163 KB) ​March (21 KB) ​March (6 KB)
April (161 KB) ​April (18 KB) ​April (5 KB)
​May (159 KB) May (38 KB) ​May (6 KB)
​June (159 KB) ​June (33 KB) ​June (11 KB)
​July (157 KB) ​July (29 KB) ​July (5 KB)
​August (157 KB)​August (29 KB)​August (7 KB)
September(158 KB)​September (26 KB)September (12 KB)
​​October (158 KB)October (189 KB)October (8 KB)
November (308 KB)November (11 KB)November (7 KB)
​December (163 KB)December(10 KB)December (6 KB)


Year-To-Date 2017 Annual Summary (207 KB)

Information on building activity in other jurisdictions in the County is available from the pertinent authority. See either Townships, Small Cities, or the City of Rochester as appropriate.