Building Inspections and Permitting


The Planning Department is responsible for the administration of the Minnesota Building Code for the townships of Eyota, Marion, Oronoco and Quincy and also the City of Stewartville. 

The City of Rochester and the Township Cooperative Planning Association (TCPA) also maintain web sites dealing with building code administration.  To find the location of your Inspections Department or Zoning Administrator, please refer to Township Information on left menu.

Administering the building code involves the following activities:

  • responding to questions, concerns, and other inquiries about building code requirements.
  • issuing permits, collecting fees, answering inquiries about particular projects, and related activities.
  • checking the building plans and specifications that must for compliance with applicable requirements of the Building Code. Much of this activity was carried out by consultants in previous years and is now being accomplished with existing staff through the use of a PC-based plan checking system.
  • carrying out field inspections for each building project. Most of the staff time in the building code enforcement process in the County is spent in field inspection. Associated activities include notifying builders of problems, arranging for corrective measures, and so on.
  • enforcement activities related to building without required permits and issues that arise when permits are not complied with.
  • preparing monthly and annual reports of construction activity required as part of the Building Code. These reports (which are available to the public) are used in Census reporting, time management, and as a source of information for setting fees.