Olmsted County Well Inspections


Water Supply Wells

Olmsted County's adoption of the Water Well and Water Supply Ordinance enables the Olmsted County Inspections Division to administer the Minnesota Department of Health water well program as a local program, under a delegation agreement with the State. The ordinance provides for the review of water systems at the time of subdivision platting, establishes construction requirements for new wells, procedures for well sealing and establishes criteria for the use of existing wells.  Inspection Division activities include permit processing, responding to inquiries, investigating complaints and field inspections.

The administration of the Water Well and Water Supply Ordinance can only be accomplished through a Board of Health.  The Olmsted County Board is the Board of Health for Olmsted County, which has delegated some of its authority in these matters to the Olmsted County Environmental Commission. All of the environmental health related ordinances of Olmsted County are administered under the Environmental Services Administrative Ordinance.  

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