Land Use Planning


Effective planning provides opportunities to choose the direction for the future of a community. Long-range time frame plans are developed for the purpose of promoting the public health, safety, and general welfare. Comprehensive Plans can consist of General Land Use Plans, Small Area Plans, Capital Improvement Plans, Resource Plans, Open Space Plans, Thoroughfare and Transportation Mode Plans and other policy documents that assist in the decision making processes related to private land development and public expenditures.

General Land Use Plans have been adopted by both the City of Rochester and Olmsted County. Small Area Plans have been adopted by the City of Rochester for the Downtown, the Second Street SW corridor and the Mayo Institutional and Medical Campus. A select number of townships and all of the other municipalities in Olmsted County have adopted their own future land use planning documents applicable to their geographic areas of influence.

Transportation Plans have been adopted by the City of Rochester, Olmsted County and the regional transportation planning authority - ROCOG. Specific transportation development and management plans or studies for select roadway corridors and a downtown Rochester bicycle study have also been adopted. A Bicycle Master Plan and additional corridor or interchange studies focused on selected major thoroughfares are presently in process.

Specific plans or policies centered on the issues of complete streets, water resources, open spaces, active living and hazard mitigation have also been adopted by the County, City of Rochester or both entities.