Olmsted County Site Development Plan

The site plan review provisions and regulations are intended to promote the safe, functional and aesthetic development of property and to ensure that new structures, utilities, streets, parking, circulation systems, yards and open spaces are developed in conformance with the standards of this Code and the Comprehensive Plan. The site plan review shall consider the siting of structures and related site improvements to promote harmonious relationships with adjacent development.

Site Development Plan Required:

Site development plan review is required for all site development in the City requiring a development permit except a detached single family dwelling, duplex or two-family dwelling. Site development includes the construction or modification of structures, parking lots and the creation of impervious surfaces. Site development plan reviews also apply to any change of use on a site, as determined by the Zoning Administrator. This review shall occur prior to the issuance of a building permit. When a Site Planning Permit application is reviewed, or when the Final Plan for a Planned Development is reviewed, the site plan review is included as part of those reviews.


Refer to the document Zoning Ordinance and Land Development Manual Informational Supplement to determine site development plan requirements.


The site development plan shall be reviewed under the Type I review procedure. Development must commence within one year of site development plan approval, unless approved otherwise, or the approval becomes null and void.

Review Criteria:

The application shall demonstrate that proposed development will comply with all of the following:

  1. The proposal shall be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.
  2. The proposed development shall comply with these regulations.
  3. The site plan layout shall satisfy the purpose and intent, and all development standards of the zoning district unless a variance is approved.
  4. Wherever practical, all utility service transmission systems including, but not limited to, water, sewer, natural gas, electrical and telephone lines shall be placed underground.
  5. The site shall be developed in a manner that will not impede the normal and orderly development or improvement of surrounding property for uses permitted in these regulations.
  6. The proposed development is consistent with adopted policies and standards for access, grading, drainage, erosion control and stormwater management.