Sign Permit

NOTE: Olmsted County is divided into several zoning and building administration jurisdictions.  Listed below is contact information.

To apply for a sign permit within the City of Rochester, contact Rochester Building and Safety Department.  For zoning standards and permitting process within the City of Rochester, contact the Rochester-Olmsted County Planning and Zoning Department.

63.220 Sign Regulations - City of Rochester Land Development Manual

An application for a sign permit within the City of Rochester shall be accompanied by the following information:

  1. A site plan showing the proposed location of the sign on the property.
  2. Accurate drawing of the sign, identifying the dimensions of the sign, its height, the size of the lettering and sign type (off-premise, on-premise, exempt sign).
  3. A statement as to the type of lighting which will be used to illuminate the sign.
  4. A statement regarding the type of material the sign will be constructed of.
  5. For advertising signs, the required sign credit must be submitted.
  6. For portable signs, the dates the sign will be in place must be submitted.

For permits within the small cities of Byron, Chatfield, Dover, Eyota, Oronoco, Pine Island or Stewartville, please contact the City Clerk. Cities within Olmsted County.

For building permits/zoning certificates in the townships within Olmsted County, see Township Information.