2045 Plan Update


ROCOG Long Range Plan Update Underway

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2045 LRTP Update Schedule (12 KB)

In Progress January 2019 through August 2020

Draft Long Range Transportation Plan

Chapter Edits to be finalized September 30, 2020.

Chapter 1 - Introduction & Plan Development (1,504 KB)

Chapter 2 - Planning Area Profile (3,915 KB)

Chapter 3 - Today's Transportation System (8,338 KB)

Chapter 4 - The Land Use/Transportation Connection (4,917 KB)

Chapter 5 - Drawing from Other Plans (4,298KB)

Chapter 6 - Public & Agency Involvement (386 KB)

Chapter 7 - Safety and Security Planning (5,102 KB)

Chapter 8 - Future Trends & Technology (2,571 KB)

Chapter 9 - Overview of Modal Plans (2,470 KB)

Chapter 10 - Major Street & Highway System Plan (7,451 KB)

Chapter 11 - Transit & Commuting (3,437 KB)

Chapter 12 - Active Transportation (7,979 KB)

Chapter 13 - Travel Demand Management (2,774 KB)

Chapter 14 - Transportation Systems Management & Operations (3,570 KB)

Chapter 15 - Financial Assessment (4,452 KB)

Chapter 16 - Implementation (922 KB)

Appendix A  - MTB Review Checklist (577 KB)

Appendix B - Public Input Summary (48 KB)

Appendix F - Glossary (181 KB)

This ROCOG 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) represents another step in the ongoing evolution of regional planning for transportation in the Olmsted County area that began in 1971 with the creation of the Rochester-Olmsted Council of Governments.

The previous 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan Re-Affirmation was adopted by ROCOG in August of 2015. Under federal guidelines, the plan needs to be updated every five years, normally with a new horizon year which for this update will be year 2045.

Federal guidelines require a minimum 20-year horizon to be maintained throughout the life of the plan.  We choose to go out a little farther with a 25 hear horizon to better fit in with other long-range planning in the area and the fact that major projects can have a useful life of 20 to 75 years.

The Plan will be multi-modal and will show projects that are Major in nature. Projects will be shown for improving the street-highway network in Olmsted County. On the transit mode, a compilation will be developed of well-known local planning work on major new ways of providing transit services to address people-moving, especially the AM-PM work trip to downtown Rochester. Regarding bike/pedestrian, a network will be shown of major bike/pedestrian paths and trails. The Plan is developed with primary input from the transportation authorities in the area including MnDOT, City of Rochester and Olmsted County. Surrounding small cities and townships also have input and the ROCOG Board itself is multi-jurisdictional.

New for this Plan Update is the use of Facebook and other on-line public input mechanisms besides the traditional open houses, etc. Look for those links on this page.


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