Project Background


In order to understand the background and need to study a future east-west arterial in southern Pine Island, a review of pervious plans/studies that have taken place within and surrounding the study area since the early 2000s was conducted. These previous efforts help set the stage for the 125th Street NW Corridor Preservation Project. The following summarizes the regional and community plans of relevance to this project:

Highway 52 FInal Corridor Plan

Pine Island to Oronoco TH 52 North Corridor Study (2003)
This plan was established to upgrade TH 52 to a freeway and to define ultimate freeway access points and key supporting streets. The upgrade was part of Mn/DOT’s Interregional Corridor (IRC) Planning Initiative. This plan resulted in an Official Map of improvements including the CSAH 12/TH 52 (Elk Run) interchange and an alignment for the west leg of the interchange extending across the Zumbro River to 125th Street NW.


Olmsted County Transportation Plan 2005 through 2010

Olmsted County Transportation Plan (2005, 2010)
This plan confirmed the need for an east-west regional arterial between CSAH 5, CSAH 3 and TH 52 on the south side of Pine Island. The intended function of the south side arterial is to improve access for Pine Island to the regional highway network, improve regional access to areas served by CSAH 5 to TH 52, and facilitate connections between Pine Island and Oronoco. In addition, the arterial as envisioned will serve as a transportation backbone for the future Pine Island urban growth area south of the current city proper.

 Pine Island Comprehensive PLan
Pine Island Comprehensive Plan (2010)
This document included a land use and transportation plan for the City of Pine Island. The transportation plan confirmed the need for an east-west arterial connecting CSAH 5, CSAH 3 and TH 52 as part of a future beltway system. Also established was a future transportation network of local collector and arterial roadways to support the regional highway system and provide a consistent grid of primary streets intersecting the east-west arterial at approximately ½ mile spacing.

The Preliminary Assessment of Corridor Issues within and near the study area can be found here (1 MB). Additional information will be added as the project evolves and more information is gathered.

The project will also be closely monitoring the CAPx2020 (888 KB) power line project as it progress and its implications or opportunities to coordinate with the 125th Street NW Corridor Preservation Project.