125th Street NW Highway Corridor Preservation Project


Olmsted County, in collaboration with the City of Pine Island and New Haven Township, is initiating a study to identify a long-term transportation improvement plan for a future east-west arterial roadway that will connect CSAH 5 to the County Road 12/Highway 52 (“Elk Run”) interchange currently under construction. The study area (512 KB) is approximately 2.5 miles in length and is located within the future urban growth area of Pine Island.




It is anticipated this future arterial road may follow or will be located near the 125th Street NW corridor through the study area. The project would include a study of corridor alignment and design alternatives, identification of the location and design of future key street and trail intersections leading to selection of a preferred corridor improvement concept, preparation of a state-level Environmental Assessment Report, and will conclude with preparation of an Official Street Map identifying the future right of way anticipated to be needed for the project. It is expected that construction of improvements would not occur in the near term future and will be ultimately be driven by timing and pace of future development and traffic growth in the area.

Latest News About the Project

February 2016

A project open house was held on Thursday, February 11, 2016 at the Pine Island Elementary School. The presentation from the Open House is available Here

January 2016

Olmsted County is proceeding with project development and design for the future connection of CSAH 5 from CSAH 3 south of Pine Island to the new CSAH 12 interchange on TH 52 between Oronoco and Pine Island. On Thursday, February 11, 2016, an open house will be held at the new Pine Island Elementary School at 8749 125th ST NW to review proposed road and bridge designs and preliminary staging plans and the anticipated schedule for the project. A project newsletter with more information is available HERE

March 2014

In January of 2014 Olmsted County initiated the last phase of the 125th St NW Corridor Preservation Project which will involve the adoption of an Official Right-of-Way Map and Joint Powers Agreement for the corridor. A Public Hearing on the Official Street Map will be held by the Olmsted County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, April 22, 2014, at 7:00 PM at the Olmsted County Government Center, 151 4th St SE, Rochester to consider these items. Agendas and information packets for the County Board of Commissioner meetings are usually available the Friday before the meeting.

The Official Right of Way map is a document that identifies planned right of way limits for the future road project. Official Maps are prepared by a licensed land surveyor and are filed with the County Property and Records Department after adoption. A notation regarding the official map is added to the abstract of each property affected by the official map after recording. This provides one mechanism to notify individuals involved in any property transaction involving land affected by a planned roadway project. Adoption of an Official Map also subjects zoning and building permits in the mapped area to the provisions of the official map statute. When a permit is applied for on land within the official map area, the road authority is provided a six month window of time to initiate proceedings to acquire title or interest in the property before final action on the permit is required. If the road authority declines to initiate such proceedings, the local unit of government responsible for approving the zoning / building permit can complete action on the application under its normal procedures and standards.

The Joint Powers Agreement sets up a framework  for how the Official Map will be administered by Olmsted County, the City of Pine Island and New Haven Township. In particular, the JPA sets out what steps are to be followed when a zoning or building permit is submitted for a property in the officially mapped area.

Additional detailed information about the Official Map is found on the Project Documents and Maps page for the project which can be linked to in the index on the left side of this page. On that page, under the section titled OFFICIAL MAP #17,  there are links to the following pdf files with information about the official map

·         Official Map 17 Layout (26 KB), which illustrates the proposed alignment and right of way boundaries for the entire length of the corridor

·         Official Map 17 (15 KB), which is a copy of the actual Official Map document that County Board will be considering which contains detailed information on the proposed right of way boundaries

·         Official Street Map Primer (35 KB), which provides general background information on the Official Map process

·         Draft 125th St Joint Powers Agreement  (26KB)· TH 52 Interchange, which is a copy of the most recent aerial photography for the study area showing the TH 52 Interchange under construction and how its location relates to the 125th St corridor alignment

September 2013

Environmental Assessment Worksheet Published

An Environmental Assessment Worksheet (6.40 MB) for the 125th Street NW Highway Corridor Preservation Project will be available for public review and comment from September 16, 2013 until October 16, 2013. The purpose of the EAW is to identify environmental resources and existing conditions and to disclose information about potential social, economic and environmental impacts of proposed improvements in the study area in order to help governmental units make better informed decisions and minimize impacts if possible. The study area is located south of Pine Island and includes the lands along and within ¼ mile of the 125th St NW corridor between CSAH 3 and 85th Ave NW and future extensions of the corridor east to the Middle Fork of the Zumbro River and west to CSAH 5. The total length of the proposed corridor is approximately 3.5 miles.

The intent of the current project is to develop a corridor improvement plan to facilitate development of an Official Right of Way Map and, if needed, protective right of way acquisition for future transportation improvements in the area. The Official Map is intended to identify the right of way needed for future construction of an east-west arterial roadway that will connect CSAH 5 to the County Road 12/Highway 52 (“Elk Run”) interchange that was recently completed. The project is not programmed for construction at this time.

Copies of the EAW will also be available for public review at the following locations during the EAW comment period:

  • Olmsted County Public Works, 2122 Campus Drive SE, Suite 200, Rochester MN
  • Van Horn Public Library, 115 3rd St SE, Pine Island, MN
  • Pine Island City Hall, 250 S. Main Street, Pine Island, MN.

The public is encouraged to submit comments on the EAW during this comment period. Comments can be mailed, prior to the close of the public comment period on Wednesday, October 16, 2013, to Charlie Reiter, Rochester-Olmsted Planning Department, 2122 Campus Drive SE, Suite 100, Rochester, MN 55904. Comments may also be emailed to reiter.charlie@co.olmsted.mn.us

April 2013

The Olmsted County Board of Commissioners held a public hearing on Tuesday, April 23, 2013, to consider alternative alignments for a future east-west regional arterial between CSAH 5 and the TH 52/CSAH 12 (Elk Run) interchange.  A Project Briefing (2.30 MB) was prepared for the County Board summarizing the assessment of alternatives and recommendations of the project staff, New Haven Township and the City of Pine Island. Following the public hearing, the County Board acted to select Alternative C2 South (726 KB) as the preferred alignment option for the study. Minutes of the County Board hearing and action are available on the Reports page of this website.