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Transportation Planning



Transportation planning for the Rochester Metropolitan Area (all of Olmsted County) is carried out through the Rochester Olmsted Council of Governments (ROCOG), a multi-governmental group created by the Governor of Minnesota under federal law. ROCOG is charged with preparing and adopting a Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) covering all modes of surface passenger transportation (highway, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian), highway modes of freight transportation, and connections with other transportation modes (rail and air). The ROCOG 2040 Transportation Plan serves as the transportation element of the comprehensive plans for both Olmsted County and the City of Rochester.

Transportation planning done by the Rochester-Olmsted Planning Department is primarily in the areas of studies and other special reports done with or for the City of Rochester, Olmsted County, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MN/DOT). Particulars of current projects can be accessed using the links listed at the left.

As stated in the Long Range Transportation Plan, the City of Rochester has set a goal of creating a safe, convenient transportation system that encourages walking, bicycling and general traffic movement that meets the needs of all users, regardless of transportation mode and ability. In 2009, the City adopted a Complete Streets Policy outlining considerations, objectives and responsibilities to accomplish that goal. The City Council also adopted this Policy as an element of the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Rochester.

The Olmsted County Board of Commissioners adopted an Access Management Ordinance for Olmsted County on May 23, 2006. The ordinance establishes policies and standards for new driveway and public street connections to the County State Aid and County Road systems.

Route and other information about existing bus service can be found on the Rochester City Lines website at:http://www.rochesterbus.com/transportation_main.htm.

Announcements regarding road work in the City of Rochester can be found on the City Public Works website at: http://www.rochestermn.gov/departments/public-works.


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