CR 104 Corridor Study





The CR 104 Corridor Study focused on development of a long term improvement plan for the section of the CR 104 / 60th Ave NW corridor between CSAH 34 (Country Club Road SW) and CSAH 14 (75th St NW) on the west side of Rochester. This corridor is planned to be part of an outer beltway system meant to serve future growth needs in the Rochester urban area. The objective of the study was to complete conceptual design work, an evaluation of future right of way needs, and a screening of potential environmental issues and impacts. A future revision of the Official Street Map will define the boundary of the right of way expected to be needed for future corridor improvements.

On January 19, 2010 the Olmsted County Board of Commissioners adopted the Official Right of Way Map for the CR 104/60th Avenue West project. This effectively completes the CR 104 / 60th Avenue West Preliminary Design and Right of Way Study. Links to the Official Map documents can be found via the link entitled "Map Adoption Process". Development of roadway improvements in the corridor are not scheduled as of this date, but will be dependent on securing funding as well as the speed with which traffic conditions change throughout the corridor. However, development of lands along the corridor will be expected to follow the recommendations of the study in terms of right of way preservation and access location.