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Project Steering Committee (PSC)


The Project Steering Committee's (PSC) role is to ensure that key stakeholders are informed and kept up-to-date on project activities. The PSC's involvement in the project is significant: it provides guidance at key decision points, determines project direction, and guides the public involvement process and decision-making framework.

The PSC consists of representatives from Olmsted County, ROCOG, City of Rochester, City of Stewartville, Mn/DOT, and the FHWA. The PSC will be involved continuously throughout the project, and will generally meet monthly/bi-monthly. Members of the PSC include:

  • Charlie Reiter, Transportation Planner, ROCOG/Olmsted County
  • Dave Pesch, Transportation Planner, ROCOG/Olmsted County
  • Mike Sheehan, County Engineer, Olmsted County
  • Kaye Bieniek, County Design Engineer, Olmsted County
  • Greg Paulson, Assistant District Engineer, Mn/DOT District 6
  • Mark Schoenfelder, Transportation Planner, Mn/DOT District 6
  • Craig Lenz, Transportation Engineer, Mn/DOT District 6
  • Nancy Klema, Transportation Engineer, Mn/DOT District 6
  • Kathy Vesely, Office of Aeronautics, Mn/DOT
  • Phil Forst, Transportation Engineer, FHWA
  • Richard Freese, Public Works Director, City of Rochester
  • Bill Schimmel, Jr., City Administrator, City of Stewartville

The PSC is working with FHWA to identify the next steps in the study for environmental documentation and official mapping of the recommended alternatives. It is anticipated that environmental documentation will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2011.

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