Filing Fees

Filing Fees: Dollar Amount or Number of signatures (5% of total number of votes cast in the municipality, ward, or other election district at the preceding general election at which that office was on the ballot)

U.S. Senator$400or2,000  
U.S. Representative$300or1,000  
State Constitutional Offices $300or2,000  
State Senator$100or500  
State Representative$100or500  
County Offices$ 50or500  
Soil & Water Supervisor$ 20or500  
Supreme Court Judge$300or2,000  
Appeals Court Judge$300or2,000  
1st District Judge$300or500  
    Lesser of the following:
Municipal OfficesAmountorSignaturesorTotal Votes Cast
1st Class Cities$ 5or500or5%
2nd/3rd Class Cities$ 5or500or5%
4th Class Cities$ 2or500or5%
Charter Cities$ Variesor500or5%
Townships$ 2or500or5%
School District Offices$ 2or500or5%

The City of Rochester is a charter city. Their Filing Fee is $50
For more information visit the City of Rochester's website