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City Polling Places


City of Byron

Byron City Hall
680 Byron Main Ct NE
Byron, MN 55920

City of Chatfield

Municipal Building
21 2nd St SE
Chatfield, MN 55923

City of Dover

Dover Township Hall
229 Main St N
Dover, MN 55929

City of Eyota

Dover-Eyota High School
615 South Ave SW
Eyota, MN 55934

City of Oronoco

Oronoco City Hall
115 2nd St NW
Oronoco, MN 55960

City of Pine Island

Pine Island City Hall
250 S. Main St.
Pine Island, MN 55963

City of Rochester

1st Precinct - 4-H Building, 1508 Aune Drive SE  

2nd Precinct -Resurrection Catholic Church, 1600 11th Avenue SE (with Ward 4 Precinct 6)

3rd Precinct - Oak Hills Wesleyan Church, 410 - 28th Street SW

4th Precinct - Willow Creek Middle School, 2425 11th Ave SE  (with Ward 1 Precinct 10)

5th Precinct - Ascension Evangelical Lutheran Church, 2207 11th Avenue SE

6th Precinct - 4-H Building, 1508 Aune Drive SE (with Ward 1 Precinct 1)

7th Precinct - Rochester Township Hall, 4111 - 11th Avenue SW

8th Precinct - Autumn Ridge Church, 3611 Salem Road SW

9th Precinct - Bamber Valley Elementary School, 2001 Bamber Valley Road SW  

10th Precinct - Willow Creek Middle School, 2425 11th Ave SE  (with Ward 1 Precinct 4)

11th Precinct - Operating Engineers Local #49, 1765 County Road 16 SW  (with Ward 1 Precinct 12)  

12th Precinct -Operating Engineers Local #49, 1765 County Road 16 SW (with Ward 1 Precinct 11)


1st precinct - United Way Building, 903 West Center Street

2nd precinct - Edison Administrative Building, 615 Seventh Street SW

3rd precinct - Shorewood Senior Housing, 2115 Second Street SW

4th precinct - History Center of Olmsted County, 1195 West Circle Drive

5th precinct - Lighthouse (God's Food), 4545 N. Frontage Road, Hwy 14 W

6th precinct - People of Hope Church, 3703 Country Club Road West

7th precinct - Rochester Golf & Country Club, 3100 Country Club Rd SW

8th precinct - Harriet Bishop Elementary School, 406 - 36th Avenue NW


1st precinct - Holy Spirit Catholic Church, 5455 - 50th Avenue NW

2nd precinct - Berean Community Church, 3157 Kenosha Drive NW

3rd precinct - Minnesota School of Business, 2521 Pennington Drive NW

4th precinct -Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran Church, 4520 19th Avenue NW

5th precinct - Hosanna Lutheran Church 2815 - 57th Street NW

6th precinct -Calvary Baptist Church, 5905 Silas Dent Road NW 

7th precinct - George Gibbs Junior Elementary School, 5525 - 56th Street NW


1st precinct - Senior Citizens Center, 121 North Broadway

2nd precinct - Bethel Lutheran Church, 810 - 3rd Avenue SE

3rd precinct - Redeemer Lutheran Church, 869 Seventh Avenue SE

4th precinct - Olmsted County #2117 Building, 2117 Campus Drive SE

5th precinct - URC Regional Sports Center, 2900 UCR Place SE (with  Ward 4 Precinct 7)

6th precinct - Resurrection Catholic Church, 1600 - 11th Avenue SE (with Ward 1 Precinct 2)

7th precinct - URC Regional Sports Center, 2900 UCR Place SE (with Ward 4 Precinct 5)

                                                                                                      8th precinct - Victory Baptist Church, 606 - 36th Avenue SE                      

9th precinct - Christ Lutheran Church, 2904 - 20th Street SE


1st precinct - Northrop Community Center, 201 Eighth Street NW

2nd precinct - Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 1212 - 12th Avenue NW

3rd precinct - Kellogg Middle School, 503 - 17th Street NE

4th precinct - Grace Lutheran Church, 800 E. Silver Lake Dr. NE

5th precinct - Churchill Elementary School, 2240 Seventh Avenue NE

6th precinct - Evangel United Methodist Church, 2645 North Broadway

7th precinct - Church Our Rock Lutheran Church, 3040 Stonehedge Drive NE

8th precinct - Rochester Public Utilities, 4000 East River Road NE


1st precinct - Elton Hills School, 1421 Elton Hills Drive NW

2nd precinct - Herbert Hoover School, 369 Elton Hills Drive NW

3rd precinct - John Adams Middle School, 1525 - 31st Street NW

4th precinct - Gethsemane Lutheran Church, 2204 - 22nd Street NW

5th precinct - Pax Christi Church, 4135 - 18th Avenue NW                      

6th precinct - Oasis Baptist Church, 1815 - 38th Street NW

7th precinct - Assembly of God Church, 4240 - 18th Avenue NW

8th precinct - Sunset Terrace Elementary School, 1707 - 19th Avenue NW


City of Stewartville

Stewartville Civic Center
120 City Center
Stewartville, MN 55976

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