Applying for a Passport

Passport Applications

Visit the US Department of State's Website for Passport Application Forms 

Forms must be:

  • Completed to the best of the applicant's knowledge
  • Not printed back to back
  • Not signed
  • Completed in black ink
  • Parental information is required (even if parents are deceased)

Applying for a Passport

All applicants must be present:

  • Both parents must be in attendance with children under 16
  • A birth certificate will ALWAYS be required for applicants under 16
  • Applicants aged 16 and 17 will need one parent to accompany them 

You will need the following documentation when applying for a passport:

Proof of United States Citizenship

  • Certified birth certificate (always required for applicants under 16 and for ALL first time applicants); or
  • A previous US Passport; or
  • Naturalization Certificate; or
  • Proof of Identity (no copies); AND

A Valid Driver's License

  • An expired MN driver's license is acceptable, as long as the yellow receipt is attached
  • If you have a driver's license from another state, please bring a second form of ID
  • A MN issued ID card or Instructional Permit will require a second form of ID or witness