Appeal an Assessment

​If you disagree with your property’s market value, you have the right to appeal the value.

To begin the appeal process, follow these steps:

  1. Collect the facts to show your case by gathering recent appraisals or recent sales of like property.
  2. Contact the Assessor's office.
  • Call 507 328-7670
  • Visit the Assessor's office at Property Records, 151 4 Street SE, Rochester MN 55904 during normal business hours.
  • Talk to county staff to review your information and talk about your value or classification.

If issue is not resolved:

  1. Attend an Appeal Meeting
    You may attend the appeal meetings listed on your Valuation Notice.

Does your City/Township have a Local Board of Appeal?

  • Yes: You must start here.
  • No: Go directly to County Board of Appeal.

COVID-19 Update: Board of Appeal Equalization Schedule 2020 (PDF 32KB)

Final Options (if still not resolved)

COVID-19 Update: Alternative Service of Tax Petition Instructions (PDF 109KB)

  1. You may petition the Minnesota Tax Court. Tax Petitions may be filed after you receive your Valuation Notice and before April 30 of the year the taxes are payable.
    Contact the Minnesota Tax Court, at 651 539-3260.
  2. You may file an abatement which is a formal, written request, made to the County Assessor to change the market value or classification on a property.
    Contact the County Assessor regarding Abatements.