Notice of Valuation

The Valuation Notice is a brightly-colored legal-size document that is mailed in March of each year along with your Property Tax Statement. The Valuation Notice is used to notify taxpayers of their property value and classification that taxes will be based upon.

ATTENTION: If you are a taxpayer,

  • with questions about your Valuation Notice, or
  • with questions regarding the value/classification on your notice, or
  • you lost or did not receive your Valuation Notice,

please contact Olmsted County Assessment Services at 507 328-7670.

Understanding your Notice

Each Notice of Valuation includes the following:

  • Estimated Market Value
  • Value of New Improvements
  • Green Acres
  • Plat Deferment
  • Homestead Market Value Exclusion
  • Taxable Market Value

See an example copy of a Notice of Valuation.(131KB)

Missing Your Valuation Notice?  If you lost your Valuation Notice, visit our Property Information Website to print a Valuation Notice.