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Valuation and Tax Information

We are proud to introduce our new Valuation and Tax Information website.

Our new site gives you access to detailed:

  • Property information
  • Land, building and values
  • Tax information
  • Photos and sketches
  • Aerial photography and GIS maps
  • Documents

We have also added more robust search features and a Help Guide for a more user friendly experience.

Recorded Documents

Our Landshark system gives you access to:

  • Abstract and Torrens documents
  • Tax liens
  • Historical recorded documents

For more information regarding LandShark, please visit our Landshark page.

Property Related GIS Maps

The following links will take you to our Planning Department's GIS Web Maps:

Property Information Map

  • General property information for parcels in Olmsted County.

Election Information Map

  • Use this map to find where to vote and how to contact your representatives.

Zoning Information

  • City of Rochester, Olmsted County and available small city zoning provided for planning and development purposes.