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Valuation and Tax Information

We are proud to introduce our new Valuation and Tax Information website.

Our new site gives you access to detailed:

  • Property information
  • Land, building and values
  • Tax information
  • Photos and sketches
  • Aerial photography and GIS maps
  • Documents

We have also added more robust search features and a Help Guide for a more user friendly experience.

Recorded Documents

Our Landshark system gives you access to:

  • Abstract and Torrens documents
  • Tax liens
  • Historical recorded documents

For more information regarding LandShark, please visit our Landshark page.

Property Related GIS Maps

In order to find information, the following link will take you to our Planning Department's GIS Web Maps.

Property Information Map

  • General property information for parcels in Olmsted County.

Election Information Map

  • Use this map to find where to vote and how to contact your representatives.

Zoning Information

  • City of Rochester, Olmsted County and available small city zoning provided for planning and development purposes.