Truth in Taxation

​Truth in Taxation Notice

2020 Truth in Taxation Notices Mailed Mid November

Property taxpayers in Olmsted County will soon receive their 2020 Notice of Proposed Taxes. These notices, also referred to as Truth in Taxation (TNT), will be mailed sometime in mid November. The notice estimates the property tax for the following year if the taxing jurisdictions approve the budget amount they are considering. Property owners are invited to attend meetings held by the local units of government to express their opinions on local budgets and taxes. The meeting dates and locations are identified on the right side of the notice.

It is important to remember, however, that the proposed taxes on the notice do not reflect any school or city referendums passed in the November general election. Several School Districts have pending referendums on the November ballot. If any of the questions affecting their tax levy pass, the final taxes may be higher in those districts.

See an example copy of a Truth in Taxation Notice (236 KB) 

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