Record a Parcel Split

Steps to Complete a Land Parcel Split

1.  Contact Olmsted County Planning

507 328-7100

      or TCPA for specific townships

507 529-0774

 2.  Bring the following to Olmsted   County Recording & Abstracting:

    • Approved survey of property to be split

    • Document splitting the property

    • E-CRV when applicable

    • Payment for current full year of property taxes

    • Recording fee (232KB)

Appeals Process for Denial of Application

 On August 22, 2017 the Recording of Lot Splits Ordinance was updated and approved by the Olmsted County Board to become effective on January 1, 2018. This ordinance was updated to coincide with the Olmsted County Enforcement and Appeals Ordinance and reflects changes in how an appeal of notice of violation or denial of application for exception/challenge may be handled. A copy of the ordinance may be found here:

Olmsted County Ordinances (13MB)

Request for Appeal and Hearing (22KB)

Additional information relating to the Enforcement and Appeals Ordinance may be found on the Olmsted County Attorney's page.