Recording & Abstracting FAQ's

Does Olmsted County Recording and Abstracting sell legal forms?

No. Olmsted County does not sell any legal forms. Forms are available on the Minnesota Department of Commerce web site.

Does the Olmsted County Recording and Abstracting complete legal forms or real estate documents?

No. Olmsted County does not provide legal advice; complete real estate documents or any other legal forms. It is recommended that you seek the advice of a competent attorney for legal advice and/or services.

Does Olmsted County have a conservation fee?

No, Olmsted County does not have a conservation fee.

Does the Olmsted County Recording and Abstracting provide notary services?

Olmsted County Property Records & Licensing Department does have a Notary Service within the Vital Records and Licensing area. However, they do NOT notarize real estate documents.

Does the Olmsted County Recording & Abstracting  provide abstracting services?

Yes, Olmsted County Recording and Abstracting does provide a full line of abstract services including Condition of Title (O & E) reports and a copy of a Registered Property Abstract

Are Well Certificates required with all deeds?

If a transferring document requires a Certificate of Real Estate Value, well information is also required. Please see Document Fomat Requirements for more information.

Please see the Minnesota Department of Health website to file an E-Well Certificate or complete a paper Well Disclosure Certificate.

Does Olmsted County Property Records & Licensing provide research services?

Yes we do limited research as time permits. There is a $50.00 per hour research fee with a minimum of one hour. There is a charge, as well, for copies and faxing services. If you need research done quickly, contact an attorney, title company or independent researcher to assist you. You can come into our office and perform the research yourself using our public access computers.