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Property Records and Licensing
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Recording & Abstracting Forms

Taxpayer Address Change Request Form (123KB)

Recording Checklist (120KB) pile of files and folders
Dot all your i's and cross all your t's....  This document will help you make sure to include all the necessary particulars prior to submitting a document for recording. See also, Document Standards (66KB) for a list of statutory standards and formatting specifics for all submitted documents.

Document Standards (66KB)
Have formatting questions? This covers State of Minnesota statutory standards that apply to all submitted documents. 

Copy Account Agreement Form (94KB)
Please fill out this form to indicate the names of the people in your office who need authorization to charge copy fees to your company.

Abstracting Orders Form (125KB)

Standard Recording Slip (118KB) 

Condition of Title/Registered Property Abstract Request Form (14KB)

 Olmsted County Document Request Form (93KB)


Abstract Property:
In the event you do not wish to have an abstract updated, you may want to order a condition of title on the property. This is the same as an owners & encumbrances report (O & E). The condition of title will tell you who the current property owner is, a full legal description of the property and any open liens and any assignments of those liens. Information regarding current and delinquent property taxes, special assessments, judgment searches and State & Federal tax lien searches are also available.

Torrens Property:
A Registered Property Abstract is a certified copy of the Certificate of Title. A copy of the plat is included as well as the property declarations, covenants & restrictions when available. Information regarding current and delinquent property taxes, special assessments and State & Federal tax lien searches are also available. 

Olmsted County Examiner of Titles:
Bill Ryan
Dunlap & Seeger
206 South Broadway Ste 505
Rochester, MN 55904-6502
507 288-9111

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