Disabled Veterans Exclusion


​Disabled Veterans Exclusion Applications:

Homestead Exclusion for a Veteran with a Disability (313 KB)

Homestead Exclusion for a Surviving Spouse of a Veteran who was Permanently Disabled or a Service Member Who Died While in Active Service(397 KB)

Homestead Exclusion for a Primary Family Caregiver of a Veteran with a Disability (388 KB)

What is the Disabled Veterans Exclusion?

This program provides a market value exclusion for property tax purposes for the homestead property of an honorably discharged veteran who has a service-connected disability rating of 70 percent or higher, as determined by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

NOTE: The annual verification letter from the Veteran's Administration must accompany the application.

When and How to Apply

You should apply for the market value exclusion as soon as you received notification from the Veteran's Administration. Applications are due by December 15.


There are two ways to apply: in person, or by mail.

Applying in person

You can apply by visiting the Property Records & Licensing office on the first floor of the Government Center located at: 151 4 Street SE, Rochester, MN 55904

Applying by mail

You can apply by mail by completing the Application form and sending it along with the necessary documentation to the following address:
Property Records & Licensing151 4 Street SE, Rochester, MN 55904