What is eNoticesOnline?

eNoticesOnline is a service provided by our print vendor, The Master’s Touch, LLC., that offers residents of Olmsted County a “paperless” and “green” way to receive Tax Statements and Valuation Notices. 

Is there a cost associated with this?

No. eNoticesOnline is free! All you have to do is sign up at eNoticesOnline.com. 

How do I sign up for eNoticesOnline?

Find the eNoticesOnline Authorization Code printed on both your Tax Statement and Valuation Notice. (The Authorization Code is the same for both of these notices.) 

On the Tax Statement, it will be just above your Property Identification Number. 

On the Valuation Notice it can be found just above your address.

Once you have your Authorization Code, follow the link to eNoticesOnline.com and click on the "Create New Account" link at the top of the page and follow the steps. Approximately 24-48 hours after you have verified your account, you will receive an email indicating your bills/statements are available for viewing.

Do I have to renew every year?

No. Once you sign up, you will always receive your Tax Statement and Valuation Notice electronically, and will no longer receive a paper copy in the mail. However, if you change your email address, you will need to make sure to update your eNoticesOnline account with the change. If an email address is no longer valid when it comes time to mail out notices, that account will revert to receiving a paper copy again.

What if I own multiple parcels? Can I add them under one account?

Yes. Just add the additional eNoticesOnline Authorization Codes to your current account and statements and notices for all parcels will be viewable under the main account.

Can I pay my taxes through eNoticesOnline?

Yes. When you sign into your account to view your Tax Statement, there will be a “Pay” button that links directly to the Olmsted County Property Tax Payment portal. There you will be able to pay taxes by credit card or eCheck.

What if I sign up and decide I don’t like it?

Just cancel your eNoticesOnline account and you will begin to receive paper copies again during the next mailing.