Homestead Exclusion


Online Homestead Application

You can now safely and securely apply for homestead online. 

Your application will be encrypted through bank-grade security encryption. Your social security number is considered private data and will remain confidential. 

Go to the Online Homestead Application and follow the directions to complete your application. 

After you have applied, you will receive an email from DocuSign when the application is successfully submitted to Assessing Services.  Assessing Services will review your application and will only contact you if they have any questions.

Apply Now for Homestead

What is the Homestead Exclusion? 

Homestead is a program to reduce property taxes for owners or relatives of owners, who also occupy their homes.

Homestead Application (537 KB)

Application to Remove Homestead (56 KB)

Who is eligible for the Homestead Exclusion?

You can qualify for this tax reduction if:

  • You own and occupy your house as your main place of residence.
  • You are a Minnesota resident.
  • Your property classification is either Residential or Agriculture.
  • You are a qualifying relative of the owner.
  • You owned and occupied the property as your primary residence no later than December 1 of the current year.
  • For Manufactured Homes the date is May 29.

How to Apply 

You should apply for homestead when you move into a house you own and it is your main place of residence.

  • Complete the entire application fully and legibly.
  • Mail the application to: Property Records & Licensing, 151 4 Street SE, Rochester, MN 55904. or
  • Apply in person at the Property Records & Licensing office on the first floor of the Government Center located at: 151 4 Street SE, Rochester, MN 55904.

Required Documents

  • If any owners or spouses do not occupy the property, you must furnish the names and addresses of those owners.
  • If more than two owners occupy the property, attach another application with the Owner/Occupant information completed.
  • If you do not provide the required information your application will be denied.

When You Move

You are required by law to notify the assessor within 30-days if you move out of your home. Fill out the Application to Remove Homestead Classification and send it to:Property Records & Licensing 151 4 Street SE, Rochester, MN 55904

Reporting Homestead Fraud

According to Minnesota Statutes section 609.41 it is illegal to falsify the information on a Homestead application. If you feel that you may know of someone who is homesteading their residence but not occupying the property please contact our office by using our secure email system to report this incident at: