Fireworks Permit

Anyone who engages in a fireworks display within Olmsted County is required to obtain a fireworks permit.   The Olmsted County Property Records/Licensing Administrative Policy (75.24 KB) will provide you the information you need to know prior to applying for a Fireworks Permit.

Where to apply

  • For an indoor fireworks display applications must be submitted to the state fire marshal.
  • For an outdoor fireworks display inside the city limits, applications must be submitted to the city clerk.
  • For outdoor fireworks displays conducted outside the city limits or if your city does not issue a fireworks permit, applications must be submitted to Olmsted County Vital Records and Licensing office 15 days in advance to the display date.

Application Process

The following required documents must be completed and accepted prior to issuing a permit. Forms can be downloaded on-line, but must be signed, and mailed or delivered to our office.

              Application for Fireworks Permit (125 KB)

Additional required documents:

1.  Proof of a bond or certificate of insurance (Suggested Amount: $1.5 million minimum)

2. A diagram of the ground at which the display will be held. This diagram (drawn to scale or with dimensions included) must show the point at which the fireworks are to be discharged; the location of ground pieces; the location of all buildings, highways, streets, communication lines and other possible overhead obstructions; and the lines behind which the audience will be restrained.

3. Names and ages of all assistants that will be participating in the display.

4. Photo copy of the Fireworks Operator Certificate

Fees and Applications

  • The permit fee is $25.00
  • Acceptable forms of payment are cash, credit card, personal check, money order or cashier's check. Make checks payable to:  Olmsted County Vital Records