Marriage License

Minnesota Online Marriage Application 

Next steps can be performed at Olmsted County in the Vital Records and Licensing Office:

Obtain both parties signatures

Pay Fees:   $115.00 or

                 $40.00 (Must comply with the Premarital Education Requirements)

Application Fees are non-refundable

Premarital Education Requirements

Parties must bring a signed, notarized and dated educator's statement from the person who provided the premarital education.  

The Educator's Statement must have specific wording and must be on their business letterhead stationery.

    Sample of the Educator's Statement

Frequently Asked Questions 

How early can we apply?

Your license is good for six months after we hand you at the government center.

Do both of us need to come in at the same time?

Yes. Both parties need to be present at the same time.  The only exceptions we allow is if one is hospitalized or incarcerated.

Can we get married at the court house?

No. We do not offer marriage ceremonies at the government center. 

If we get our license in Olmsted County, can we get married in another county?

Yes, you can get married in any county in Minnesota.

Do we have to be a resident of Olmsted County to get a license there?

No. You can purchase a marriage license in any Minnesota county if you are getting married anywhere in Minnesota.

When do I legally change my name?

When you receive your Certified Marriage Certificate in the mail. After your ceremony, your officiant is responsible for returning you certificate to the county in which you purchased your license. That's when we will record your marriage and send you the finalized Certified Marriage Certificate.