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The Mission of Olmsted County Public Works is to plan, develop, and maintain an environmentally sound infrastructure for all citizens of Olmsted County.



The County Board is working with legislators to discuss funding options for the County Road 104/TH 14 intersection because of the on-going safety issues and concerns.

The Olmsted County Public Works Team put the following YouTube videos together (the first is a 2-minute compilation and the second is a 9-minute compilation, both made from several increments of time taken during the morning peak of 7-7:30 AM) to show firsthand some of the dangers and traffic flow of the current design... of the intersection.

2019-2023 Capital Improvement Plan (8.26 MB)

Plat Book 2018 Press Release (144 KB)

Biermann House Media Statement October 2017 (307 KB)

Hwy 52 - 2017 Priority Projects in Goodhue County (1.1 MB)

2013 - Clean Water Assistance County C13-5474 (259 KB)


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