Assessment Plan

The process of developing Olmsted County's Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP) began with Olmsted County staff performing a self-assessment of the County's storm water conveyance system. This self-assessment was an evaluation of the County's conditions, needs, and current storm water practices. The objective of the assessment was to provide a knowledge base upon which to structure our SWPPP in order to meet the Permit's Maximum Extent Practicable (MEP) standard.

The County used the materials provided by the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC), National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II MS4 Guide Plan to assist in the self-assessment process.  Consideration was given by staff to the following factors in order to meet the standards set forth in the permit:

Identification of the conveyance system within the UA;

Sources of pollutants;

Potentially polluting activities being conducted in the watershed;

Sensitive receiving waters;

Uses of receiving waters;

Specific local concerns;

Size of the community within the County's UA jurisdiction;


Local land uses;

Implementation schedule;



Rate and type of development;

Characteristics of the watershed;  

Organization characteristics of the County; and

Capacity to perform operation and maintenance programs.