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 On April 16, 2013 the Olmsted County Parks Commission completed a two-year effort in developing a document entitled:  Olmsted County Parks Commission Planning Guidelines and Values.  It was approved by the Olmsted County Board of Commissioner's shortly after.  This document was the cornerstone of the Park Division's effort to move forward with the Master Planning and Operational Practices.  Further, the body of work sets a directional course for the future of our valued public lands.  It is the intention of the authoring body that these "guidelines" should be reviewed and modified, when required, by future Park Commissions.  It is not intended to be a static document.


The mission of Olmsted County Parks is to foster an appreciation of the natural world through environmental education, natural resource management, and public participation in the stewardship of our park lands.


Learning life-long lessons in natural places.


Oxbow Campground and Chester Woods Campground are now Open

Chester Woods and Oxbow Campground Reservations are now open. Please call the respective Park to make reservations. 

The 2019 camping dates for Chester Woods Park and

Oxbow Park are:

May 3, 2019 to October 20, 2019

For questions on Camping/Picnicking at:

 Oxbow Park:  507 328-7340
Chester Woods Park:  507 328-7350


Due to the threat of Emerald Ash Borer disease, only wood sold by the park itself, pre-bundled firewood which contains DNR certification it is free of invasive species and diseases and clean, untreated lumber is permitted in the parks.


How to Get to Our Parks

Map of All the County Park Locations (435 KB)

Map to Chester Woods Park (137 KB)

Map to Oxbow Park & Zollman Zoo (183 KB) 

Map to Root River Park (257 KB)



All Parks Info Brochure (1.16MB)

Chester Woods Park Brochure (130 KB)

Oxbow Park Brochure (158 KB)

Root River Park Brochure (182 KB)


Olmsted County Parks Annual Report

Olmsted County Parks Annual Report (6 MB)