Teacher's Corner - Outreach Programs

Outreach programs are a great way to bring the zoo to you! The list of traveling programs that we can bring to your facility is attached below. Please plan about a month ahead; call or email to schedule your outreach program.

Class Title and Description 

Animal Classification - 3rd Grade and Up

The animal kingdom is broken down into five different classes; mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and fish. This class will discuss the differences between each classification. Live animals will be used to represent some animal classes.

Note:  Live reptile, amphibian, and bird ambassador animals.

Reptiles And Amphibians  - 2nd Grade and Up

This class will teach students to differentiate between reptiles and amphibians. Students will learn life cycle differences, skin differences, behavior differences and habitat differences. We will provide an opportunity for students to see the animals up close and the option to touch the live animals.

Note:  Live reptile and amphibian ambassador animals.

Life Cycles - 2nd Grade and Up 

This class will give examples of animals that go through metamorphosis and will demonstrate how that compares to us and most other mammals. This class will also explain metamorphosis in the complete form and incomplete form, with examples of species from each type.

Note:  Possible live amphibian ambassador animal and stuffed animal puppets. 

Owls/Birds Of Prey - All Grades

Also known as Raptors!  Five distinguishing characteristics make these birds more impressive than other birds. Students will learn about the 5 characteristics, see live birds of prey and experience real examples of the characteristics of raptors.

Note:  Live bird of prey ambassador animal.

Animal Introductions (formally known as Touch And Learn) - Pre K - 4th Grade 

This is an excellent starter program for younger students.  Topics discussed include the daily happenings here at the zoo and park, as well as some basic environmental principles.  We also provide the opportunity for some "hands on" learning with our live critters and wildlife artifacts.

Note:  Live snake, turtle, and bird of prey ambassador animals.

Totally Turtles - All Grades

Minnesota is home to nine different species of turtles. Turtles are one of the longest living species in the world dating back to the era when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Learn the yearly events a turtle lives through that has allowed this animal to live for many centuries. Also meet the zoo's resident turtle.

Note:  Live turtle ambassador animal.

Outreach programs:

  • $150 within a 50-mile radius of Oxbow Park for a 45-minute session
    • Additional $50 for every extra 45-minute class session
    • Additional $50 travel expense for outreaches outside of a 50-mile radius
  • Due to staff shortages during certain times of the year we do reserve the right to decline outreaches

Classes Will Run Monday Through Friday. Thursday and Friday will have limited availability because of limited staffing. Morning sessions can start as early as 9:30 AM. We are flexible with our times, please call or email to schedule a class.

Things to know when Calling or Emailing:

  • Facility Name
  • Grade Level and Number of Students
  • Class Desired
  • At least (Two) Preferred Dates to Visit
  • Contact Person and Email Address

For more options check out Teacher's Corner - Classes and Teacher's Corner - Scavenger Hunts. 

We are looking forward to teaching your group and hope to see you this year.  Please feel free to call 507-328-7340 with any further questions.


Clarissa Schrooten and Jaide Ryks, Naturalists