Teacher's Corner - Scavenger Hunts

Zoo Visits Without Classes:

We ask schools/groups that are not interested in classes but want to visit Zollman Zoo to call ahead of time so that we can report the numbers to the regulation agencies of the zoo. There are no fees for Zoo visits.


Scavenger Hunts - Different scavenger hunts available for all ages

Oxbow Park and Zollman Zoo is no longer offering naturalist-led scavenger hunts. However, a variety of scavenger hunts are available below for teachers to print out and have students do on their own.

Note:  School staff led, school provides supplies

Oxbow Park Bingo K-2

Zoo Bingo K-2

Zoo Bingo Grade 2+

Zoo Bingo Grade 2+ Key

Zoo Scavenger Hunt K-2

Zoo Scavenger Hunt K-2 Key

Zoo Scavenger Hunt Grade 2+

Zoo Scavenger Hunt Grade 2+ Key


For more options check out Teacher's Corner - Classes and Teacher's Corner - Outreach Programs. 

We are looking forward to teaching your group and hope to see you this year.  Please feel free to call 507-328-7340 with any further questions.


Clarissa Schrooten and Jaide Ryks, Naturalists