Teacher's Corner

Greetings! We hope you can visit Oxbow Park and Zollman Zoo this school year! We offer many classes for all different school ages. Some classes are very weather dependent! If you have any questions about the classes being offered, please feel free to call us at 507-328-7340. See the list of classes offered below.


2018-2019 School Year Class List (126 KB) 


Classes Will Run Monday Through Friday. Thursday and Friday will have limited availability because of limited staffing. Morning sessions can start as early as 9:30 AM. We are flexible with our times, please call or email to schedule a class.

Things to know when Calling or Emailing:

  • School Name
  • Grade Level and Number of Students
  • Class Desired
  • At least (Two) Preferred Dates to Visit
  • Contact Person and Email Address


Due to high demand and low staffing, class rates have been increased this year to $5 per student with a minimum charge of $50. We understand this may be difficult this year due to budget requests completed for the year.  We always offer self-guided zoo visits at no charge. Please call to provide the number of students that will be visiting so we can report the numbers to the regulation agencies of the zoo.


Due to increasing class sizes and demand we are currently only able to offer 1 class per student. For school groups of 100+ students, please book early to ensure a day that works. Please have the funds with you at the time of your visit. We now have a credit card machine to accept payment.


We will teach regardless of the weather, but please recognize that poor outdoor conditions may cause us to discuss modifications to the schedule at the time of your visit. Students must dress for outdoor conditions!


We are looking forward to teaching you and your students and hope to see you this year.  Please feel free to call 507 328-7340 with any further questions.



$5.00 per student with no charge for chaperones. For example, a class of 40 students with 3 chaperones would cost $200.00.


When visiting don't forget to plan time to visit the Zollman Zoo and explore the Path of Imagination natural playscape area.

Zoo Visits Without Classes:

We ask schools/groups that are not interested in classes but want to visit Zollman Zoo to call ahead of time. There are no fees for Zoo visits.