Zollman Zoo



The Dr. Paul E. Zollman Zoo house's over 30 species of wild animals native to Minnesota.  Many of the zoo creatures have physical injuries that have rendered them non-releasable, while others are surplus zoo animals from other facilities. In some cases, animals are purchased from licensed animal farms with donation funds set aside for such purposes.  The zoo is named after Dr. Paul Zollman, DVM, in recognition of his dedication to Olmsted County Parks and for his steadfast belief in compassionate animal care and environmental education.

Zollman Zoo is the anchor in Oxbow's Environmental Education Program.  Nearly 50 thousand visitors, many of them school-aged children visit the zoo on an annual basis.  Many of these visitors participate in environmental education classes, and/or weekend programs designed to stimulate an interest in our natural world.  The zoo offers children and adults alike the opportunity to observe wild animals that are native to Minnesota in a small, country zoo setting.


Zollman Zoo

Open Daily: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

There Is No Admission Fee, Donations Welcomed!

The Oxbow Nature Center will not be open, so restrooms in the building will not be open for use. Restrooms will be open in Oxbow Park picnic areas. Physical distancing is a high priority for all zoo visitors and masks are recommended to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to both humans and the wildcats which are susceptible to the virus.

Need More info? email: Oxbow Park  


You might be wondering what animals you would see if you visited Zollman Zoo during the winter months.  Here is a list of the animals who are active all winter: 







 White-Tailed Deer





 Gray Fox


 Red Fox




 Wild Turkeys