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The County Board is working with legislators to discuss funding options for the CR 104/TH 14 intersection because of the on-going safety issues and concerns.

The Olmsted County Public Works Team put the following YouTube videos together (the first is a 2-minute compilation and the second is a 9-minute compilation, both made from several increments of time taken during the morning peak of 7-7:30 AM) to show firsthand some of the dangers and traffic flow of the current design... of the intersection.


All projects listed below are subject to change.  Countless factors impact project deliverability such as environmental impacts, right-of-way acquisition, bidding climate, funding availability etc.   

Reconstruction Projects

Future CSAH 5 (Pine Island - 125th Street Corridor)

Description: New Alignment/Grade and Surface with new river crossing from CSAH 3 to CSAH 31

Construction Dates: Spring 2017 - 2020

Traffic Impacts: Roadway will be closed and thru traffic will be detoured

        CSAH 5 Extension Preliminary Layout (101 MB)


2020 Bridge Projects

CSAH 32 

Description: .1 mile south of TH 14 over South Fork of the Whitewater River

Traffic Impacts: Roadway closed and detoured